Installation Services

Installation Pricing is for the Greater Houston area.

​Local Distributor installation prices may vary.

PARTAY GARAGE and its distributors can provide Turn Key solutions to your specific garage and/or room, including finishing of the space and climate control.  This is done on an individual bid basis. Contact us for information about these services.

Houston Installation Service
Estimated installed price with Standard assembly kits, in Houston.  (Standard 7 foot square fit and coped doors).  8 foot tall doors and Stealth assembly kits adjust by prices as shown on View-Buy page.
8' door:  $449.00  (8' tall ~ $ 499.00)
9'-10' door:  $549.00  (8' tall ~ $ 609.00)
12' door:  $ 619.00  (8' tall ~ $ 689.00)
16' door:  $769.00  (8' tall ~ $ 859.00)
18' door:  $849.00  ( 8' tall ~ $959.00)
Individual panel:  $279.00  (8' tall ~ $ 299.00)

 Installation Example Courtesy of Applied Digital Science, Certified PARTAYGARAGE installers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex 

PARTAY GARAGE is primarily a manufacturer of ready to use, preassembled PVC Strip Door/PVC Strip Curtain,  panel systems which include temporary mounting and storage devices.  Many homes, have potential candidates for the system, primarily garages, which are finished with sheet rock and may only require some form of climate control.  Climate control systems are easily obtained from other sources, especially for the do it yourselfer.