​​​​Does the installation kit include an instruction manual?
Yes, a detailed instruction sheet is included with every kit. 
Are larger size doors available?
Yes, but typically very large doors (taller than 10') use wider and thicker strip than PARTAY standard, to hang better.
Can you leave the panels up all the time?
You can, but PARTAY does not suggest that you do.  It will cause extra exposure, build up dirt, and possible unwanted damage.  Also some neighborhoods require that permanent structures must go through architectural control.  Temporary use is not typically an issue.
Are the panels weather resistant?
Yes, they withstand heat, cold, moisture and the headers are clear anodized aluminum the same material as outdoor aluminum windows.  Panels are treated for UV light ~ the light blue tint is that protection.
Do the panels yellow or get brittle with U/V exposure?
Eventually, over time yes, but if stored away out of the light, and used only temporary, they will last for may years (estimate 10 to 20 years if only used temporary and stored out of the sun.)  We have prototypes that are 10 years old and with a little Windex…still look brand new.
Do the panels get brittle if you leave them out in winter?
Yes they can but they are rated to -20 F.  However when using them in winter, typically one side is heated so the strips actually stay close to the heated room temp.
Do the strips blow around in the wind?
In stronger winds, the strips will blow around.  However with panels only mounted on one wall, cross wind doesn't happen that much to cause flapping of the panels.  If windy conditions are the norm, you can install optional  wind weights to solve this problem.
What kind of plastic is used in the strips?
Clear PVC (poly vinyl chloride), .080" thick and 8" wide.
What are the hangers made of?
Cad Plated Steel Hanger Bolts and Cad Plated Steel Garage Hooks.
How much do the 50" and 26" panels weigh?
50” panel is 22 lbs… 26” panel is 11 lbs
What is the shipping weight?
Two box 50” panels in one 8 x 8 x 50 inch box with a total weight of 45 lbs.  The 26” panel will box in a 6 x 6 x 29 inch box and weigh 12 lbs.
Can you drive your car through the panels with the wind weights installed?
You can but it is not recommended because you may scratch something.  Actually PARTAY GARAGE disclaimer states doors are for pedestrian use only and when moving fine autos in/out they should be protected with some form of cloth cover so trapped particles cannot scratch anything.

Frequently Asked Questions